battle of onderon

Next Combatants Skirmish on Draay 2[1] After one recon droid discovered the rebel's base, the Separatists sent a battalion of droids and a tank towards their hideout. Anakin, Obi-wan, and Rex left the planet while Ahsoka remained behind to supervise the insurgents' activities.[8]. They left one droid alive long enough for it to call for reinforcements before destroying him. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. First in what is hopefully a number of commissions by She does ‘cute’ as well as she does ‘erotic’ so it won’t all be sexy pictures like this one. Tales of the Jedi is a series of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics between 1993 and 1998. One gunship however crashed into area where Steela and Ramsis were standing and Steela was left clinging for life over a sheer cliff. The battle concluded the Civil War and paved the way to the end of the purge, by acting as the catalyst that goaded the Sith into revealing themselves so that they could be destroyed by the Jedi Exile. While waiting for the main gun to recharge, a squad of commando droids attacked, inflicting no casualties. The Naddists tried to overthrow Galia, but were foiled by the Jedi and the Republic. By Maelora69 Watch. All the droids were defeated, providing a much needed morale boost for the minor victory. After one recon droid discovered the rebel's base, the Separatists sent a battalion of droids and a tank towards their hideout. Ramsis had Ahsoka and Lux deliver a holographic communicator to the city and he gave a speech to the citizens and told them that the rebels were patriots seeking to liberate them all. Meeting up with Steela Gerrera, she led them to the insurgents' hideout. Ommin and Sith disciple Warb Null were slain, but so was Jedi Kith Kark. ―Arca Jeth. A battle took place during the Freedon Nadd Uprising, in the year 3998 BBY, that pitted the combined forces of the Jedi Order and the Beast Riders of Onderon against the dark side -empowered army commanded by King Ommin of Iziz. Vruuk viewed the Queen as naïve and too young to hold the rank. … The war was fought from 13 ABY to 17 ABY. The group was unanimous with the decision, even Saw who congratulated his younger sister but was still visibly upset by it.[8]. General Steela Gerrera killed in action 4. EXCLUSIVE clip from Celebration VIBackup Channel: (Please subcribe to it) The battle will be interrupted and you can choose to make a friend of the general before you leave the planet. However Anakin Skywalker argued that the rebels just need guidance, with Mace Windu agreeing that the least the Jedi can do is to teach the rebels to defend themselves.[4]. [8], Seeing that the rebels had succeeded, some civilians were given hope that they could win. The Onderon rebels receive training from the Jedi. In 3,998 BBY, two years after the First Battle of Onderon, the Naddist Uprising occurred. Battle of Mygeeto[2] The newly trained rebels eliminated the enemy droid squad and infiltrated the Separatist-occupied capital Iziz, conducting strikes on droid patrols throughout the city. The droid battalion caught the rebels in the middle … Droid occupation of Onderon removed 2. Confederate Head of State Count Dooku subsequently sent Rash reinforcements under the command of the super tactical droid General Kalani. alliance rebels sex starwars. They are part of the fictional Star Wars expanded universe, and cover the Great Sith War and the Great Hyperspace War.The series represented the earliest chronological Star Wars stories until the publication of the Dawn of the Jedi series of comics and novels. [7], The rebels escaped the city with Ramsis and the rebels in tow and took cover in the eastern highlands. In the skies of above Onderon, the Beast Riders and the Mandalorians on their Basilisk war droids proved to be equally matched. In 3,998 BBY, two years after the First Battle of Onderon, the Freedon Nadd Uprising occurred. Because of Steela's leadership skills during the attack, one of the female rebels elected her to be their leader. Seeing an opportunity to engage the Confederacy on another front, the Republic funded the rebels with credits and arms to combat Rash's occupational forces from the Separatist Droid Army, while the Jedi High Council sent a team of advisors to train the rebels. The Battle of Onderon took place for control of the planet Onderon in 20 BBY, the final year of the Clone Wars. The droids tried to pursue, but were stopped by the angry crowd. Funeral of Steela Gerrera[3] With all of the droids guarding the generator destroyed, Saw fired the main gun and destroyed the generator, plunging the city into darkness. The Onderon Military consisted of both the Onderon Navy and Ground Forces (see Onderon Soldier). Hello everybody! Onderon[4] King Rash saw that the rebels had grown bold with the attack on the power generator,[8] and believed that his predecessor was behind the rebels' activities. Later history [edit | edit source] In 1,000 BBY, Darth Bane rode to Onderon from Dxun upon a skreev to rendezvous with Darth Zannah after the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. 3 Jedi[4]1 clone trooper[4]Onderonian rebel soldiers[4]Onderon Guards (late battle)[9]Dalgos[10]Rupings[10] Carnor Jax. Onderon was in the Mid-Rim, strategically important and Imperial rule here was fragile. Kenobi, Skywalker, and Captain Rex thereafter withdrew from Onderon, while Tano stayed as an advisor, working primarily with the rebels' core group: Saw, his sister Steela, and Lux Bonteri, the former senator of Onderon in the Separatist Parliament. Steela wanted to put together a plan to save the king, but Saw instead decided to save Ramsis himself. 1 super tactical droid[11]AAT driver battle droids[4]B1 battle droids[4]B2 super battle droids[4]B2-HA series super battle droids[4]BX-series droid commandos[8]DSD1 dwarf spider droids[8]Droidekas[8]IG-100 MagnaGuards[7]OOM command battle droids[4]3 Separatist probe droids[4]Armored Assault Tanks[4]4 HMP droid gunships[3]Multi-Troop Transports[8] Caught betwe… The other three moons wereDagri,Evasand Suthre. 20 BBY[5] In 3,998 BBY, two years after the First Battle of Onderon, the Naddist Uprising occurred. Saw was captured and tortured into giving the rebels location, but refused to break. Once inside, Saw went off to gather any allies in the city while the rebels prepared a hideout. Lux attempted to save her but nearly fell himself. 686 Favourites. Moff Lasre Dardano was a Tarkin loyalist, but he had been weakened by infighting with other Imperial groups, and there was good reason to believe the Emperor had cut him loose. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, The Clone Wars: Defenders of the Lost Temple,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. The Monarch War was an armed conflict between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant. Instead of the battle being a victory through the deaths of the Jedi Order 's followers, it was intended to grant the Dark Lord Sivter access to the secret information kept within the bowels of the Jedi Praxeum's Archives on Onderon. Concurrent The rebels used the mountain terrain against the Separatists and, despite heavy casualties, retaliated with a supply of rocket launchers—illegally provided by the Republic via the pirate Hondo Ohnaka—that could penetrate the droid gunships' ray shielding. Shaela Rann after the Battle of Onderon. The Naddists tried to overthrow Galia, but were foiled by the Jedi and the Republic. With Steela appointed by Dendup as their commanding general, the joint rebel and royal soldiers pulled out from Iziz, hoping to preserve civilian lives by isolating armed conflict to the eastern highlands. After the Separatists retreated from Onderon, a funeral was held for Steela Gerrera with thousands of Onderonians grieving the loss of the leader of the rebels. Steela was elected to replace Saw as the rebels' leader and oversaw continued offensives against the battle droid forces. In this video i have done a timelapse of me building a MOC on Onderon. 56 Comments. Dendup was thus re-installed as ruler of the liberated Onderon. [7], At the execution the next day, Steela, Lux and the rebels attacked in an attempt to free Saw and Ramsis, but were forced to surrender when a group of super battle droids and droidekas showed up and surrounded them. Galactic Republic[4]Jedi Order[4]Onderon rebels[6]Royal Onderon Militia (late battle)[7] After experiencing taunts from Oron Kira and his men, Mandalore then rallied his troops, fighting with unbridled ferocity. "Some say that war is the beginning of civilization. Confederacy of Independent Systems[4]Order of the Sith Lords (Via hologram)Royal Onderon Militia (defected)[7] During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the planetary government aligned itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems; in the Confederate Parliament, Onderon was represented by Senator Mina Bonteri Zann. Since nothing in their current arsenal could destroy a large generator, the rebels needed to hijack a tank. The Second Battle of Onderon was a battle of the Onderon Civil War, which occurred in 3951 BBY on the planetOnderon and its moon, Dxun, and was one of the last major events of the First Jedi Purge. "Commander Nero, another one of our jungle patrols was ambushed." He, along with the Onderon Guards of the Royal Onderon Militia, freed the rebels from facing execution. The Naddists tried to overthrow Galia, but were foiled by the Jedi and the Republic. Tandin then took King Rash hostage, allowing the rebels and the royal guard to escape. Their attack went as planned, with public support rallying to them in opposition to Rash's sponsored occupation of Iziz. Lux and Saw, having earlier did not work as a team to disable a tank, successfully disarmed the tank with Ahsoka's support. All Heavy Missile Platforms destroyed 3. Having instigated Onderon's secession from the Galactic Republic at the war's outset, King Sanjay Rash found his regime, which was being backed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, challenged by a grass-roots group of rebels organized by the young insurgent Saw Gerrera, who hoped to restore the deposed King Ramsis Dendup to the throne.

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