DIY: Baby/kids wood kitchen Part 1

Hey guys!

So I finally thought of new project. And the project is … DRUM ROLLLLL … baby kitchen!

I’m at the start so, this is how you measure stuff

You need big peace of fake wood or umacarton.

2x 6×6 cm (sides of top cabinet)
3x 6x34cm (top cabinet, one of these pieces need to be cut in half, so you would have doors to the cabinet)
1x 38x34cm (back piece)
2x 10x34cm (top and bottom of bottom cabinet, its optional but you can make a round hole to the top part so you could have a sink)
3x 10x18cm (sides of the bottom cabinet and side of the stove)
1x 18x34cm (18×10 stove part, 18×16 and 18×16 doors to bottom cabinet)

I asked my friend to cut it on a machine so everything is nice and smooth. Because all I have is old rusty saw and it wouldnt look nice at all.

Here is final cut of the wood. One piece is missing though. I forgot to make a side of the stove because I planned it later, so my friend is gonna bring me the piece tommorow.

If you have any questions please ask 🙂


Leni the Monster

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