Most ridiculous romper AWARD goes to…

Hey guys,

I’ve got a lot of jumpers, rompers and onesies from my family and friends. And I went threw them one by one and this one caught my eye. And I’ll explain why in a minute.

It has the most ridiculous fastening I’ve ever seen. It in size 56 so it’s for very small babies and our Emily has just started using this size and I really can’t imagine having to fasten it in the middle of the night. Because, it has fastening on the BACK. Like wtf? So do I have to turn her over, while I’m trying to NOT wake her up in the middle of the night, unfasten snap buttons and then change her? Most of you probably think, whats the big deal, its just a few snap buttons in the straight line.

But noooo it’s not!

This is how the romper looks like. Give a take. I have green ones with tractor.

The fastening is in the back. As shown here

And it may not seem to you, but its not really easy to fasten. Theres 7 snap buttons and heres the order how you pin them.

First you do the white line from top to the botton then overlay the bottom part and do the black line from left to right. I don’t know how about you, but I cant seem to think about me doing this at 3am 😀

They sell this masterpiece at C&A so if you want to try it. You can.

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