Let’s test some diapers!

Hey guys!

Long time no see. Em’s gonna be 2 months in a few days and since she was born I tried a lot of diaper brands.

I tried Fred & Flo from Tesco, Bella Happy from Tesco, Lupilu from Lidl, Pampers and Huggies.

Fred & Flo

Very cheap brand. Diapers are good for babies who weight up to 3 kg. Definately not up to 5kg. Diapers are very small and real size would probably be size 0. We used aroud 4 of these little (24piece) packs. Last diaper was used when Em weighted cca 3,2 kg and she peed through it. The diaper wasnt enough for 3 hour wearing.

Another Fred & Flo diapers are Ultra Dry 2. The diapers feels the same as the 1 one. But the size of the diaper is the same as Pampers 1. I haven’t start using these yet. But I plan to use these as transition from ones to twos.

Overall: I would recomend using these if you have prematurely born baby. My Em was 2,3kg when she was born, so these diapers were enough. And I love the graphics!

Bella Happy

I tried only one package of Bella Happy. I didn’t really like them, nothing special about them, not even the graphic part. I just liked Fred & Flo more, and since they sold both in Tesco, I chose Fred & Flo. They were cheap but definately not up to 5kg. Probably the same as Fred&Flo, so up to max 3,5kg.


Another cheap brand is Lupilu from Lidl. Same problem as the two brands before. Diapers are not designed for bigger babies. Em had problem wearing these because diapers were really small for her. And she’s currently 3,7kg and she was around 3,2kg when she wore these.


I’m currently using Huggies Elite Soft 1 and boy, these are AMAZING! They can hold so much urine and get very heavy but nothing is wet under her! I definately recomend these. Huggies 1 are smaller than Pampers 1. But! She still wears them and she’s very close to 4kg now. So I think the weight range is appropriate.

Since there were Black Friday sales I bought a lot of advanced diapers. And I bought Huggies Ultra Comfort 3. When I compare these to Huggies Elite Soft, first… they are so much bigger 😀 But I guess thats because the range of Ultra Comfort ones is from 5-8kg. Inside of the diaper is some sort of blueish layer in opose of Elite Soft ones where you can find layer with white dots. And one important note for the last: These are, so far, only diapers that have special rubber band on the back of the diaper, so no poo will escape it.


Pampers are absolute classic here in Czech Republic. A lot of people using these (if they are not using cheaper alternatives). I bought one package of Pampers Premium Care before Em was born and I still have it. The reason is that they were way too big for her even though they state its from 2 – 5 kg. Huggies 1 are way smaller and they fit just fine now. As I said before Fred&Flo 2 is the same size as Pampers 1, so I’m gonna use Pampers 1 as transition between ones and twos too.

Pampers Premium Care 2 are from 4-8kg. BUT they are the same size as Huggies Ultra Comfort 3, which means that Pampers 2 are going to be used as transition from twos to threes. Other than the size, they are the same as the ones.


Very popular cheap Polish brand here in Czech Republic. A lot of people using it and driving to Poland to buy it. I live near polish borders but I havent bought any. And I won’t. My friend trade 10 diapers with me for Fred&Flo ones, so I could test the Dada ones. The result is that I liked them a lot, until Em got diarrhea. She had poop everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! No diaper did this before. She had it on her back, on her belly, on everything she wore. So I’m not gonna test these further

What brand do you use? And do you agree with my review?

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