My labor

Hey guys.

This is not gonna be an easy article. Two days ago I was admited to the hospital to induce my labor because of Em’s growth restriction and my small polyhydramnion issue. They inserted foley balloon inside my cervix and I waited in pain whole night, hoping its gonna make my cervix ready. Insertion of foley balloon is not really painfull, just really discomforting. But I yelled a bit anyway. Since the baloon is inflated, it makes your body go through Braxton-Hicks contraction and very painful ones if I can say. But what did I know about pain then.

Next day. Yesterday. They got rid of the baloon and inserted a pill inside my cervix. Nothing pleasant either, so I yelled again. After two hours, nothing happened, so I got another pill inserted there and I waited another two hours. Then they poked my water. That was specially hurtfull. And then I got oxytocin drip to get my pains started and they did. They were managable at first but boy it got worse. I started loosing control and I cried because I was unable to even get grip of those contraction. Breathing didnt help, swaying around didnt help either and also I had to be monitored almost all the time and they made me lie on one side, so managing the pain on the bed and on just one side was hard.

Then I got an epidural. The doctor couldn’t find the right spot. He found it for the third try and then I got some relieve, finally. I was at 4 cm then. And nothing happened afterwards. I stopped feeling contractions completely, but even though some people said that you get relaxed and that the contraction happen even when you don’t feel them, my cervix just stopped dilating. So they cut my epidural drip in half and they doubled the oxytocin drip. I started cramping again but it didn’t help. At this point, I was so tired and baby was tired too. I didn’t even noticed when she stopped moving.

After an hour, my doctor was sure, this is not gonna work. It was 9pm. (I started at 7,30am) and he did an emergency C-section. Fun fact – they prepare everything around you in the ER first, including the fasade between your face and stomach because they have only five minutes to get the baby out, so it wouldn’t be affected by the anastesia drug. So they did my C-section, got the baby out. They found out that I have so much leftover growths in my abdomen from past surgeries that thay had problem to get the baby out without making permanent damage to my intestents. And they don’t recomend another baby, because if there should be C-section again, there would be possibility that I wouldn’t make it.

But that wasn’t all. You would expect that after all this trouble, at least the baby will be ok.

Her apgar score was 10-10-10. But when they wanted to check her stomach they found out they can’t reach it and that she has esophaegal atresia. So they took her away after few minutes she spent with my husband and moved her to hospital in Prague.

Also there was one luck in all of this. She had her cord around her neck so there would be another complication if I would give birth normally.

This is the reason why I don’t really approve home deliveries. Because I would be dead and my daughter would be dead too.

She’s in surgery right now. I think of her all the time and I can’t wait to meet her for the first time.

Baby Burrito

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