DIY Baby Lola Bunny

Hey guys!

Today I wanna show you another of my DIY creations. This is my latest creation so I used all of my newly obtained knowledge to make the picture look great.

Baby Lola Closeup

Same as with Thumper bunny, I used combination of diamonds and crayons to make it look full and not overdone. I especially love the letter E in this picture which looks pretty darn good with the crayon-diamond combo. When I was deciding which colours to use, I was like, ok make the diaper look white, but the white was too similiar to the background paper so I used very light shade of green. It looks like white but its not white, so its better 😀

Baby Lola Bunny

Now my baby Lola and Thumper live together on the wall in the nursery and I completely love it! Hope my daughter will love these creations too <3

Thumper and Baby Lola

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