DIY Thumper from Bambi

Hey guys, I promised you that I’m gonna write about the one DIY crafting experience that actually went great and I’m very proud of it.

As with all my DIY creation I printed Thumper on paper. BUT this time the paper weights more so the glue won’t crook the paper that much.

I finally understood where to put the crystals and where NOT to put them, which is equaly important. When you put crystals on the face, it looks just weird (you can see it in my previous post on Bambi). So I combined crayons and crystals and it turned out amazing.

Thumper – Closeup picture

Now, I actually upgraded mym approach to the gluing part. You have to add another layer of paper (low gram paper is enough) under the main paper and attach it with double-sided tape. Then you can safely glue the picture to the sparkling piece. The picture won’t crook, I promise!


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