Dayan Diary 2020

Today I’ve got special present from my local post office. My order from Japan came!! Yesss. Those two weeks were sooo long.

I’ve got this diary for $17.89 from and it’s totally worth the money! I’ve already had 2018 version and I’m currently using 2019 one. And this is how the new one looks like. Super cute right? I love the London theme.

Front Page of Dayan Diary 2020
Back Page of Dayan Diary 2020

And I bet you wonder how this masterpiece looks like inside! These are the first two artworks you’ll see when you open the diary.

First page – Dayan Diary 2020
Second page – Dayan Diary 2020

I just love those big eyed cats 😀 It’s just sooo perfect! And for the first time, they included the names of other cats.

Year Schedule – Dayan Diary 2020
Month – Dayan Diary 2020

You’ll also get a different artwork for each month. I usually use these boxes for my weight control, especially since I’m pregnant and then I can just look at it and I immediately see if I’m right on the track.

Week – Dayan Diary 2020

And this is where you can write everything you need. I especially love the blank page next to the dates. Sometimes you need a little bit more space for every information.

Artwork – Dayan Diary 2020

Last thing you get are some pages for some more information you’re gonna need to keep :).

Back notes – Dayan Diary 2020

I definately recomend this type of diary. I love the artwork, it’s super cute and it’s a big help everyday.

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