Nursery decorations

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna show you my newest DIY creations. I love diamond painting and who hasn’t tried it is super crazy, because it’s the best thing in the world (exept for the back pain :D).

I bought a lot of these paintings and they all came with crafting supplies and enough diamonds, you can occasionaly drop them on the floor and leave them there. Also after you’ve finnished few of these paintings, you’ll have enough diamonds to actually make something on your own without the number guide.

First decoration I picked for Emily’s room is this little cute pink bunny. I got it from aliexpress. I guess nowadays you can order the bunny in the size you want, but when I ordered it, they only sold it in size cca 25 x 15 cm (10 x 6 inches). Also it’s much more expensive then it was a year and a half ago. I got this bunny for $1.94, now the price starts at $3.85… so whats with that Aliexpress, you can’t fool me!

Aliexpress White Rabbit Diamond Painting (White Bunny)

There is ton of diamond painting bunnies on Aliexpress, so if you really want this one you have to write “White Rabbit Diamond Painting” and one of the result will be the ONE.

Reality looks a little different, but I still like it. Once I bought owls that looked nothing like owls after I diamonded them.

Since I want to put this bunny on the wall in the nursery, I glued the crystals down with Hercules Puzzle glue, you just pour it and spred it all over the painting and when it sets, the glue becomes see through and hopefully none of the crystals will fall of.

Second diamond painting I finnished, is cat jing-jang. I got this painting for $3.88 and the same seller now sells it for $4.62, the resolution is 19.5 x 19.5 cm (cca 8 x 8 inches).

Cat jing jang

You can find it on Aliexpress by puting “Cat black white diamond painting”. This diamond painting is actually one of those which you can modify by your preferences, its only two colours (only in theory, in reality there is like 50 shades of grey crystals).

So I took all of my crystals, evaluated how many shades of different colours I have and then I tried to pull pink cat off, insted of the white one. And I think the result is pretty good. What do you think? Would you decorate nursery with diamond paintings?

Cat jing jang modified

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