Dinosaur jumpsuit

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna talk about dinosaur jumpsuit I bought from ebay. First of all I want to say, that the thing they send you is not always the one you bought (legally yes but come on). And this is the case.

Dinosaur jumpsuit

So i came across this cute jumpersuit and since I totally dig dinosaurs I was like “hey i must have some of that!”. So I bought these in Brick Red from the cheapest listing I could find and the month long waiting could begin. It actually came after two weeks, which was quite surprising. Never the less, I was curious of what I’m gonna find inside. So I opened it and I found this:


And this from the back view:

Which is just not really what I wanted or expected to get. The fabric is probably cotton but it looks horrible and I dont think the baby is going to look as cute as the model baby looks in the main picture. But still these are the dinosaur jumpsuit and you can argue with them if they over airbrush the main photo and that you want your money back, which you won’t get. Well I guess my little baby is going to use them anyway because throwing them out would be pointless. But probably she’ll wear them when she’s gonna play outside or dig dirt on the garden 😀

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