Little red dress

Hey guys, so i bought this amazing dress from ebay.

Cutest little red dress

I bought this dress because of my grandpa, who has one golden rule, he wont hold new baby girl unless she wears a red dress. So i had to buy some 😀. And I came across this little gem, which is just for 12 dolars. And how do you find it on ebay?

Ebay dress

Just write “infant baby girl birthday wedding pegeant party princess lace tut flower dress” into ebay search and ebay will show you wide range of these dresses from different sellers. Now you just have to pick the one with the lowest price. Price can vary from 12 to 40 dolars, so be very careful who you are buying from.

And now about the dress. Photo seller provided is classicaly styled and the dress is somehow ironed and flattened. But I think the dress itself came exactly the same as is in the picture, which is not always the case when it come to buying stuff of the internet especially ebay, wish, aliexpress and others. Top of the dress is with lace and the bottom part is from silk.

Material is not washer proof so you will have to be very careful when you wash this fabric. I recomend basic soap and warm water, never washing machine!!! Washung machine would tear the dress apart.

Also the dress came with pinnable bow for the back of the dress. I can’t wait to put my little cute baby into this dress. 😍

What do you think? Is it worth the money? In my opinion IT IS!

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