RIP products: Korres, Garnier, Rival de Loop Young & Models Own

Hey guys! So, I’m back from Japan (don’t worry Japanese makeup article is planned) and since I have a lot to do to school I don’t have much time for writing, I’m very sorry for that, but nobody probably reads this anyway 😀

Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion by Korres

Korres is Greek cosmetics and since I’ve never ever tried anything from Greece I was very curious. I used this emulsion for my whole face including my eyes. I didn’t mind using it for eye makeup removal, but, sometimes, my eyes were little bit itchy after. I wouldn’t use it for my whole face because I don’t like the feel after it, not only with this milk cleanser, but with all of them. I usually use toner or rose water instead.

I don’t hate this product at all. I probably won’t buy it because of the price of 22.50€ for 200ml. 7/10

Essentials Hydrating Day Cream by Garnier

I actually bought this cream for ridiculously low price (a dollar). Yaay me. I took this cream with me to Japan and I loved it! I had super dry skin there from the weather and this cream was able to hydrate my face for really long period. I used this in the morning and in the evening after the shower. 10/10

Liquid Concealer by Rival de Loop Young (01 Beige)

When I was out shopping I came across this brand and since I’ve never heard of it I bought this concealer. I didn’t like it much in the beginning, but when I used it after few months again I actually enjoyed using this. I think that inicial problem was with the amount. You need to use a lot of this concealer to make it work and also bake it. Not only under the eyes, but wherever you use it. Than it stays and looks pretty. I didn’t like the amount of this product, it become empty after few uses. 5/10

Eyebrow pencil by Models Own

I bought this pencil mainly because of its shade. Its 129 Blonde and it’s THE perfect shade for red heads. I love the shade, but not the shape. It become very hard to use, when it stopped being manufactorily shaped. Also the lead broke in half :'( very soon. 6/10


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