Yves Rocher Zeró Défault

Happy Valentines Day!!!  May the love be ever in your favor (ok, too much Hunger Games here).

Today, we’ve got three different Yves Rocher foundations to review  So let’s get started now! Also, don’t forget to subscribe my facebook page down below! 

I’ve got three different shades, Rose 50, Rose 100 and Rose 200. I’ll start slowly. Each of the packagings are super immune to any unintentional usage in your purse (we all know this stuff happens sometimes ). You just move the pump to the left and nothing comes out. Also these foundations smell wonderful. It’s like fresh-ish something smell  Probably chemical rose smell, but still it smells great. Haha  When it comes to usage. Its not bad foundation, but since I don’t really like low/medium coverage foundation due to pimples on my face, it really didn’t come handy. And I’ve got sooo many shades! I’m not really sure about the advertising about 14 hours… well, I’ve had this foundation on for several times now and even though it has medium coverage and the shade is kind of pinkish for me, I managed to look good wearing it (using bronzer, powder and lot of concealer) but it won’t last 14 hours. So, final verdict is – it looks good, when your skin is flawless (it covers up colour unevennesses), it smells good, but it wont last long (aproximately 4-5 hours, less when you touch your face often).

Rating: 6/10

Song of the Day: One Direction – Nobody Compares


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