144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2017

Whoah. Thats one heck of a title  So, today theres a brand new Revolution palette! Aaaaand lets get to it! Also, don’t forget to subscribe, so you won’t miss anything important! 

Revolution palette 2017

As you can see, theres a LOT of shades! As usuall, Revolution have made it super pigmented.  Yeey!

Shades are bit similiar to each other. It not as obvious from a photo as it could be, but when you apply some, they seems to be the same. That mostly apply to the light shades from the first column. Then there is a lot of orange-brown shimmery shades which seems the same on the eyelid as well.

My favourite column is the 11th one. Those shades are soo warm and fun!  Also I really love to eyeliner my eyes with that violet-ish shade from 10th column (4th from the bottom).

Rating: 9/10

Song of the Day: Brad Paisley – Remind Me 


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  1. aiman zahid

    February 2, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Pakistani price????

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