Mystery Bag!!!

Omg! Two days ago, I’ve got the most cool gift. TAM Beauty Mystery Bag!  So let’s check whats in there! Also, don’t forget to hit the like button so you can keep in touch! 

Yesss!! The Mystery Bag is unpacked and ready to be open! I can’t wait! 


Let’s look whats in there. We’ve got one eyeshadow palette, blush palette, two lipsticks, eyeliner, makeup, fixing spray and hand lotion.


I’ve got Freedom 10 Eyeshadow Palette Eye Pro – Shade: Bare. I tried this palette on my eyes and it’s just not pigmented enough. When I was swatching it, I had to layer it up.  And now I’m sad, coz I really love the colours.


This is my favourite Iconic Blush Bronze & Brighten – Shade: Golden Hot. I use it for few months now, so this is my second pack at home . It’s beautiful for summer weather and of course for contouring!


Next, I love Makeup Atomic Super WOW! High Gloss Lip Colour Stick. This is kind of dissapointment. I was so thrilled to try this lipstick on and when I looked at myself, I looked … well.. the shade is VERY orangeee. And it doesn’t go well with my skin.  I wore it for 30 minutes and the texture is not good. It cracks on your lips. And it feels uncomfortable too. Have you ever spilled nail polish on your skin? Well, thats what it feels like…


Freedom Pro Melts Liquid Lipstick. Although the texture is really great and once it sticks on your lips, it won’t move, the shade is too crazy pink. maybe for 80s parteeeh. 


Oh, how I looooove eyeliners. And this has such beautiful green shade! Which I, as a redhead, can appreciate.  This eyeliner is I love Makeup All Day & Night – Shade: Lustful Ways. Only bad thing is, that it came broken, so I can’t get more product of it.

mystery-bag-tambeauty-eyelinerOnly thing I really can’t use is this – I love Makeup No Shine Please Totally Matte makeup. And funny thing. It has great coverage and it blends well. But it way too dark for me. Maybe I’ll try it as a contour. 


There is Live Love Hand Lotion Elegance which smells sooo amazing. I can’t really compare the smell to anything I know but it really feels Rich & Luxurious.  And last, but definatelly not least – Freedom Proffesional Makeup Fixing Spray. Nothing to say about it, only, it works great.


I have to say. I love TAM beauty, I shop there almost every other month and they give away so much makeup for free and this mystery bag is really amazing!

Now tell me, what have YOU got in your Mystery Bag? I wanna knoooow 

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