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First of all. I apologize for the long pause. This article, among the other excuses , is the main reason why it took so long to write something. I’m not using make up every day and I didn’t want to just “throw” those samples away by using them at home, witnout any feedback from other people. So I took every chance to go out – just for you guys!  

So let’s get started! First part of the article is about make up samples, second one is about lipstick samples  

Luxe SPF 10 – Shade: Natural Glamour

Well, this one was the last I put on so I can write without my notes . Coverage sucks… If you have any red spots on your face or pimples (like me at the moment ), you’ll suffer bad. This makeup is not able to cover it at all. You have to use concealer for that. It blends well. And shade Natural Glamour is really great for me.

Rating: 4/10

 Luxe SPF 20 – Shade: Beige Linen

Same as the Luxe makeup above, coverage is horrible!!  It blends well and shade is also right for me.

This actually baffles me. Luxe makeup is the most expensive “brand” among Avon makeups. So I don’t understand why is it so bad.

Rating: 4/10

Avon Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation – Shade: Almond

It blends better than Luxe makeups, but coverage is also horrible. I tried to put on more makeup but it came out patchy and weird, so I had to like partially scrub it off. Almond color is very good shade for my face.

Rating: 5/10

Avon Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation – Shade: Cream

There is no difference between the Almond shade and Cream shade. They both have horrible coverage and the shade is the same.

Rating: 4/10 (for the copying)

Avon Extra Lasting – Shade: Shell

This makeup is the worst of them all. It blends just weird. You put the makeup on your face and start to blend it out with the brush and suddenly you fell cracking. The makeup somehow dries too fast.  Like WHAT? Also, although it’s my fault, the color was badly picked. But thats my faut, so I wont blame the makeup. 

Rating: 3/10


And now for the lipsticks!! 

Luxe – Shade: Rose Silk

I don’t know if its me, but when I’ve put it on, I’ve got this tickle-ish feeling on my lips. Not good… But the shade is great and the lipstick is very creamy and shimmery. This shade is great for you girls, who wants improved natural look  – if you know what I mean .

Rating: 5/10

Luxe – Shade: Alluning Nude

It has strange taste and I also have the tickle-ish feeling on my lips. This shade is natural looking with shimmer touch 

Rating: 5/10

Luxe – Shade: High Style Coral

This shade is my favourite, coz it has orange-red-ish shimmery colour. And I luv th-aaa-t!  BUT… yes, there is the same problem as with Luxe lipsticks above. Taste and that feeling. I wonder if it’s something like plumping effect. It could be…

Rating: 5.5/10

Luxe – Shade: Polished Rose

This shade is not shimmery as much as the other lipsticks. Aaaand again… taste and “plumping effect” … sucks.

Rating: 5/10

Luxe – Shade: Red Haute

This is BEAUTIFUL red, shimmery shade. It looks great on meee  Now, I’m glad this was the last Luxe lipstick, coz my lips actually hurt right now… I really don’t understand Luxe products. Avon should wake up and do something about that. Because, there is a lot more cheaper Avon products that are so much better.

Rating: 5.5/10

3D Plumping – Shade: Bitten

This was actually a mistake … happy mistake. It’s french wine-ish colour. It reminds me of 80s. And I love it!! I don’t feel any plumping effect though.

Rating: 6/10

True Colour Matte – Shade: Peach Flatters

OMG! This lipstick smells so goood !! It reminds me childhood candy . This shade is not complementing my face a lot, its too orangee for me.

Rating: 6/10

True Colour Matte – Shade: Coral Fever

Ahhh that smell  I would call this unique shade – cold red. I’m not sure if you agree but thats what is looks like to me  hah

Rating: 6/10

True Colour Matte – Shade: Berry Blast

This is absolutely the queen of those samples. Its dark-red or wine shade. And I ADOOOORE it!

Rating: 6.5/10

3D Plumping – Shade: Stolen Kisses

Ok, I can feel the plumping alright! It’s not very comfortable and after a while actually annoying. Shade is good for nude look.

Rating: 4/10

If I could pick a winner from this testing – it’s Berry Blast. I may even buy normal package. Makeups are disappointment, so no one from those. Let me know what you think about LUXE makeup. Do you use it? Are there any good products?

Song of the Day: Celine Dion – That’s the Way it is 


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