My own diamond paintings

When you buy diamond painting, you always get more diamonds than you need. And instead of throwing these diamonds out, I collect them. I bought these containers to collect every single diamond.

28 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box

These little boxes are perfect for diamonds and also they are cheap. You can mark every diamond colour with the given number, so you can add the same colour when it comes with another picture.

28 Slots Adjustable Jewelry Storage Box

Now you see where I’m going with this. I have a lot of shades of different colours and I was like “hey, how about i try to make my own diamond painting?” and so I did.

I started with three disney princesses – Alice, Snow White and Ariel.

First of all you need to print out your picture. I did my first attempt on regular paper. And you can see that Alice is crocked and the place where I glued it to the glitter sheet looks just plain weird.

Alice in Wonderland

I printed the second attempt on photographic paper. Still not good enough. Photographic paper was still hard to glue and although it didn’t crook as much as regular paper, it still didn’t look good. Also its very hard to paint photographic paper with crayons so Snow White looks a bit washed out. Ariel too, but only because I didn’t have ANY green diamonds, so her tail looks just weird. And yes, I have very high standarts for my work 😀 I don’t just hang anything on my wall. Thank god I have 8 year old sister, who just looooves these kinds of things and it will make her day when I give her these diamond princesses <3.

Snow White and Ariel

Third attempt was with Bambi. I used hard paper, it crooked a bit, I guess as much as the photographic paper. I didn’t give Bambi glitter background because I didn’t like how he turned out. Something just didn’t click with him 😀 Maybe if I didn’t do the jaw with crystals, it would be better. So another cartoon character for my little sister. She’s gonna be thrilled.

Bambi with the butterfly

Currently my fail rate is 80% 😀 I have one custom diamond painting I really LOVE and I will share it next time with you people!

So what do you think? Would you try to get your creativity on the loose and do something like this?

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