Wall-E and Crazy Llamas with flying cats

Yeah, you guessed it. The title is about my diamond paintings.

I’ve got this Wall – E painting for $4.83 from Aliexpress and I was really excited because I totally love Wall-E and Eve and I think it’s the most romantic movie ever. (Titanic can suck it :D).

Wall-E diamond painting

When my local post delivered it I was super excited to start working on this, so I have and after 5 evenings, I got this…

Wall-E diamond painting

I think you can actually hear my disappointed voice from here.

It’s not pretty, Wall-E is barely visible and I really dont understand why Eve is this pink/blue shade. The prettiest thing in the picture is the lamp. So… not cool.

Second painting I’ve got are crazy llamas with flying cats. And I got this because I wanted to find the cheesiest picture there is. And I think I found it!

Crazy Llamas with flying cats

Just look at those cute llama faces, I just love them. I finished the painting and I got this. At this point, I was kinda furious because I made this right after the Wall-E picture.

Crazy Llamas with flying cats

It looks better that the Wall-E picture. But still I expected more. On the other hand this looks quite good from the certain distance.

I guess both of the pictures would look better if I just bought a bigger version, but with the Aliexpress and diamond paintings in general, you never know what you gonna get, because they almost never take a picture of the grid you’re gonna fill. And they charge huge amounts of money for 70×90 cm pictures. Also I remember the distant times where you bought a diamond painting and the picture was fitted specifically for the diamonds. Meaning, they re-painted the picture in some software and then made a grid. I think they do it automatically now and it looks plain lazy.

I glued both of the painting with Hercules and I actually think its better than Hercules Puzzle, because it makes the painting hard after drying so you can hang it better on the wall.

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