Diamong Painting

Hey guys, so today I want to talk about something different. I love crafting and I was suddenly like “Why the heck won’t I post it here too?”. So I am making new topic to talk about… and that isss *drum roll* Diamond Painting. I’m in love with this type of crafting. Its fun and it looks super cool when its done.

When you buy the painting. You get a tool, green container and glue. You dip the tool into the glue and you can get started.

Be careful not to peel off way too big area of the painting, because once the dust get onto the painting, you won’t be able to stick the diamonds to the painting.

Now just look at the pattern. There are some numbers and some letters. Then you open the packagings with correct diamonds.

Now lets get started. Diamond by diamond, carefuly placing them next to each other.

After 12 hours I’m done.



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