Everbilena Liquid Foundation

Hey guys! Today I want to start a series about Makeup I’ve got in Japan. I wanted to name it Japanese Makeup, but I found out that some of that makeup is made somewhere else. Sooo let’s get started.

Everbilena Liquid Foundation – Beige

I bought this foundation in Daiso store for about 100 yen. I wanted to try Japanese foundation even though I knew there is going to be problem to find the right shade. Aaand of course I f’d up and bought way too dark shade. Maybe if I could read japanese a bit I’d knew sooner 😀 Well don’t care. Still gonna try it. So first impression is that the foundation is very thick, but it doesnt cover much and when you want to layer it, you get really patchy look. Also when you wait and let it dry before you want to add some more, your beauty blender will stick to the foundation and „rip“ the current layer. So your look is going to be very very bad :D. The last thing is oxidation, the shade is much darker dried.

Made in Taiwan

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