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Hey guys and welcome! Today, I’m going to talk about these two cleansing pads. Hope you’re ready <3

I bought two of these because I’ve never seen product like this and thats why I’m here for.

The green one:

It contains pads dipped in micellar water and aloe vera. I would even like this product, because I like the smell and the liquid seems to be something like regular micellar water, but there is one main flaw. The pad itself is super rough so it’s not very pleasant to use this product and also since its very weird pad, it won’t remove your makeup at all. And you can keep rubbing and rubbing your face and all you do is to smudge it all over the place. So there is no for me.

The white one:

Oooo this is something someone from the hell invented. The pads have the same feel and are completely the same, but the liquid which the pads are dipped in? Oh hell no. It literally feels like sunflower oil. Its extremely greasy and I bet you will hate the feel to. I gave it a chance when I stepped out of the shower which is when I have super dry skin because of the chlorine in the water and the pads didn’t make it better at all. It was almost worse and the grease just won’t suck in to the skin. Horrible experience. And don’t get me started on the smell. It smells like oil. Like literally the cooking oil. Ew. Never more.

Have you ever tried this product? If you did and you like it, tell me 🙂 I’d like to hear another opinion.

Love you


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