How I do my makeup? Part 5

Hey guys! How do you do? I’m great and I bring you another part of my makeup story!

There is not very much eyeliners I wouldn’t like. Usually, when I have a problem with the eyeliner, it’s because of the wand and sometimes because of the smudging, but the smudging is not very common problem, even with the cheap ones. I use Kiss Me FERME Smooth Fit Eyeliner EX 01. It’s very good eyeliner and I think it was very cheap too, but you can get it only in Japan. It dries matte, doesn’t smudge and stay all day. Also the wand is good, you don’t have to use eyeliner brush.

I totally love L’oreal False Lash Superstar, mainly because of the eyelash primer you get with it. This mascara makes your lashes look super huuuuuge. As you can see, my mascara is little bit broken, I was hitting my boyfriend with it because he made fun of me and it broke 🙁 :D. (Juuuust funny-hitting for all of you nitpickers :D)

I’ve already talked about Daiso lashes. I totally LOVE them, but you can wear them max. 3 times, then they are ruined and weirdly shaped. These lashes look natural and perfect. I absolutelly recommend them. Also cheap but only available in Japan.

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