How I do my makeup? Part 4

Hey guys!! Another part of my makeup story is here, today about my favourite part – eyeshadows!! <3

My favourite eyeshadow primer of all times is Santeé Eye Primer 02, even though its shimmery based and it almost looks like eyeshadow, I LOVE it. Its great primer and eyeshadows won’t fall off even crease, ever (i think :D). I wore my shadows for 30 hours when I flew back to Czech Republic from Kochi, Japan. Although I looked tired AF, my makeup was gone and my mascara smudged. My eyeshadows were perfect 😀

I used to use Revolution Palettes, but I found out that the shades fall off over the day. You know, only dark shades remain. So I use Violet Voss x Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette, I totally love this palette. It’s better than any of the other palettes I’ve ever used. There are twenty shades, I use aproximately 16 of them. I would never use Smashlee (green) and Lou (black), these two shades are too strong for me. I don’t think green would compliment my look and black shades are usually wery hard to blend, but in my case I don’t like my look that dark. When I want to deepen up my crease I use Bubs. But mostly I get by with Alabama or Wiskers, these shades are dark enough. My Basic shade is almost empty ☹ because I use it to soften up the eyeshadow primer, then I add Priss Pot and Mama Bird to the outer corner of my eyes and blend it. I use Britches for my undereye shadow and Sugah for highlighting my inner corner of the eye. Yoshi and Hissy Fit are my favourite for the lid colour. I mix all my shimmery shades on the back of my hand with fixing spray to make the shimmery shades stay in place.

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