Giordani Gold Mascara

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about this cool mascara called Giordani Gold from Oriflame. I’ve got this mascara as PR, but this article is not sponsored. I’m always honest with you guys.

First I want to point out that this mascara has flat comb wand, so you can’t expect it to give you that super full look. For that, I use curved, more fluffy brush (for example – Loreal False Lash Superstar).

Let’s see how this mascara perform:

As you can see in number one, there is just a plain green eye. Next picture shows mascara without any other eye products. Third picture shows how it performes with winged eyeliner (Yves Rocher eyeliner).

I like how it looks when you use it on the bare eye. Mascara curls your lashes very well and you can see each lash coated and separated. I think this mascara is really great, when you need to have a pretty soft look for job or school. Definately not for the evenings, because as you can see on the third picture. You can’t really see the lashes because of the wing. I barely ever use fake lashes. It’s completely enough for me to use mascara primer + mascara. So this just won’t work for my evening look.

But over all I like this mascara and it’s definately going with me to Japan in few weeks :D. And it gets *drum roll* 8/10.


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