Cosmic duo

Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about this amazing cosmic duo. Well, they don’t call it “cosmic duo”, but I DO! And why?! Because it’s amazing!

About a month back I decided to try another brand, so I went with Oriflame. I though it’s going to be bad as Avon. These two brands compete in my country a lot and also, a lot of people say it doesn’t matter which one of them you chose. So, I used to use Avon and it sucked.

I chose some random things from Oriflame catalouge to make a complete look. I’ve got powder, setting powder, makeup, concealer, primer, eyeshadows and some face masks. Also I’ve got a mascara as a gift, when I said I do makeup blogging (thank you!!). I’m going to talk about all these things, don’t worry.

But first, let me introduce you these guys!

Concealer is in shade Light Nude, you can also get it in Fair Beige. I really like this concealer, it has really great coverage and it blends sooo amazingly. The only thing I miss is the standart concealer applicator. But it’s awesome concealer for its price (max 9,9 dolars, I’ve got it for a half) and also, it has 10ml (0,3fl. oz.), which is more than my other concealers have. This concealer was made in Poland.

Another amazing product is The One Loose Powder. I’ve got it in shade Translucent (Um, duhhh Lenka, you wanted setting powder). They also sell it in shades Light and Medium. I really love this loose powder, you can bake with it really easily, and after you bake your concealer, there is absolutely no creasing and you look just stunning. Also this powder is really really soft, like extremely soft! So if you tap back and forth, back and forth, under your eye, it really covers the whole area and bakes perfectly.

The price for this powder is max 13,5 dolars, but I also got it for a half of the price same as the concealer. The price really depends on current catalouge. The size is 7 grams (0,2 oz.) and it’s made in… well, now i’m confused.. the box say Sweden and the packaging says UK. Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s not from China.

Both of these things works so amazingly together, that I think you should always use them together. Well, at least I will. I give the concealer 8/10 and to the powder 9/10.



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