RIP Freedom Profesional Makeup Fixing Spray

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about another RIP product – Freedom Fixing Spray.

I don’t hate this product, but I do not really love it too. Its good product, but… and yes there is a but… It does this little dots on your face and I didn’t know it does that, so I went to date with my boyfriend and he started to smudging these dots all over my face. He was like “Oh, you’ve got something there” and few seconds later “omg, and there”. And I was like “i’m going to kill you!!”. And then I saw those dots in the mirror 😀

Freedom states on their product this: “Shake well before use. Apply makeup as usual, hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from your face and spray a light making sure your eyes are closed. Product will dry and set naturaly”.

Well I don’t know about the mist. If it would be a mist then there wouldn’t be dots.

It’s preventable… you can spray this fixing spray on beauty blender and just squeeze it into your face. But my question is, why should I do that when they call themselfs profesionals. Formula is great and I think it could work better with better sprayer.

I give this product 5/10. And you know exactly why!

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