RIP Amica face lotion

Hey guys!!! Today I’m going to talk about few RIP products. They are made by Czech company Alpa and they called this thing – Amica face lotion (pleťová voda).

Well, I was like ok! It’s extremely cheap (almost 0,75 dolars) and I guess I should try something from my own place. BUT this was terror. It has ALCOHOL in it! And maybe I like alcohol inside of me, but definately not on my face. Its extremely drying and I had break outs after using this. Also, I had breakouts even though I used moisturizer after apply this beast. And it smells like 100% alcohol.

I bought three types – you can see only two because I’m not done using the third one. The purple one is suppose to be nourishing, the yellow one is just for normal complexion and the blue one, the one i haven’t done using it yet is for oily skin.  Well, if I would be that oily to use THIS, I could make my own oil business.

Now I use it for cleaning my brushes, for cleaning stains from propolis or tape stains on my scissors. I would never put it on my face again.

So my rating for this product is 0/10. And yes I’ve never give anything a zero. But this is absolutely horrible product and they should not sell it.

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