Hello world!

Hello people of the world! This is the first article on this blog, so I suppose it should get special treatment. I mean like, celebratory dance or something.  ♫

♫ <(”<)  <( ” )>  (> ”)> ♫

So celebration is behind us now and let’s get started!

I would like to start about why have I started to write. It all has begun three months ago, when I was studying for my B.A finals. I was so overworked I started looking on various youtube channels just to release the pressure. I watched make up videos so much, I became make up obsessed ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ and immediately after finals, I started to shop for make up, brushes, beauty blenders and so on. And then the fun part begun! I could finally try products I’ve never had, like primer, fixer and also I fell in love with eye shadow palettes, so many looks, so many styles you can make with these! And that’s why I started this blog. I just want to write about things I love ❣


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